Reverse Osmosis is a technology used to remove a large majority of pollutants from water by passing the water through a semi-permeable membranes under pressure.

The water passed through the Reverse Osmosis membranes through the high pressure pump leaves 95-99% of the dissolved salts on the membrane and these contaminants are expelled from the concentrated waste water out of the membrane.

The pressure required here varies by the salt concentration of the feed water. The higher the polluting concentration in the feed water, the higher pressure is required to overcome the osmotic pressure. The design is made by determining the appropriate equipment and working parameters in the line of the feed water characterization and the desired purified water quality.

As Eralp Kimya, with boutique solutions in line with the needs of the enterprises; we analyze the existing water resources and project using SUEZ WATER and OLTREMARE membrane design programs.

Reverse Osmosis Systems are used;
For production of fresh water from sea water,
For increasing water quality in industrial enterprises,
For obtaining water at the desired quality in industrial and drinking water,
For preventing the formation of boiler stones in boilers,
For regaining water in the recovery systems of wastewater,
For obtaining feed-water of Ultra Purified water systems
in sectors like Food, Textile, Glass, Automotive, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Iron and Steel.

Reverse Osmosis Systems are diversified according to raw water resources.


Reverse Osmosis Systems Standard Technical Specifications:

1. Membrane Housing : Stainless or FRP
2. Membrane Dimensions : 4 ” or 8 ”
3. Membrane Brand : SUEZ WATER (GE) or OLTREMARE (equivalents ..)
4. High Pressure Pump : GRUNDFOS, EBARA and equivalents
5. Cartridge Filter Precision : 1, 5 micron
6.Cartridge Filter Housing : Stainless or PVC
7.Chemical Dosing Systems
8.Card or PLC controlled panel option
9.Automatic valves with electric actuator
10.Chassis: Epoxy Coated ST 37 Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel : ST 37 Epoksi Boyalı Karbon Çelik / Paslanmaz Çelik
11.Glycerine filled manometers
12.Water Conductivity Meter (0-2000 μS / cm)
13.Autoflush system
14. CIP + Suitable capacity tank and pump for systems having rinsing units