Purification of wastewater; physical, chemical, and biological treatments that are used to restore water to a part or all of the physical, chemical, and bacteriological characteristics lost to wastewater as a result of various uses, and / or to not change the natural physical, chemical, bacteriological, and ecological characteristics of the recieving environment they are discharged.

Due to the ever-increasing sensitivity to the environment and the imperative requirements of current legislation, many of the industrial plants that consume water have established wastewater purification plants. According to Article 3 of the “WATER POLLUTION REGULATION” published in 2012, the “Color Parameter” requirement has been imposed on the sectors covered by the specified tables.

Regarding the reduction of the color parameter to discharge limits in Waste Water according to the regulation, ERALP KİMYA, with the new technological ORGANIC / INORGANIC COAGULANT and DECOLORIZER products produced at BURSA / KEMALPAŞA facilities, helps you to comply with the environmental legislation and reduce your costs.

1.PROCENTER DC 1000: Decolorant Organic Polymer
2.PROCENTER DC 1005: Decolorant Organic Polymer
3.PEOCENTER DC 1040: Decolorant Organic Polymer
4.PROCENTER DC 1055 :Decolorant Organic Polymer
5.PROCENTER DC 1060 :Decolorant Organic Polymer
6.PROCENTER DC 1045P :Decolorant Organic Polymer
7.PROCENTER DC 1040S :Decolorant Organic Polymer


We suggest chemicals suitable to your water first by testing your waste water with jarr test in laboratory.