Tülin UÇAR
E/I Manager ( Chemistry Section )
Eralp Kimyasal Maddeler San. Tİc. Ltd. Şti.

Eralp Kimyasal Maddeler San. Tİc. Ltd. Şti.; is an experienced company that produces
intelligent solutions on industrial water management with WATERCENTER brand. Water is
becoming more valuable and crucial input of the industry day by day. The nature can no
longer tolerate outrageous water waste, insensible water consumption becoming mortal issue
because of insensible waste water which is the main reason of under deep water and rapid
desertification. Water is a substitute that requires awareness and knowledge during every
Water management is an attainment that requires preparing domestic and industrial water
preparation; solving problems generated water based operation in managements, managing to
obtain re-cycling and re-using the water and cleansing to used water in nature.
Water isn’t being used as the pure and natural form both in domestic and industrial usage but
it is rectified according to focused purpose. Unfortunately for the domestic usage traditional
pre-rectify and chlorination to eliminate bacteria is a common implementation. Chlorine
causes carcinogenic substances as N-nitrosodimetilamine and trihalomethane while reacting
with the organics in the water and destroying bacteria. Eralp Kimya is known with offering
healthier and more nature friendly solutions on this matter.
In pretreatment , industry requires filration as much as needed. Eralp Kimya builts systems for
fruitful usage with its’ own production sand filters, active carbon filters, resin tanks, ultra-
filtration, reversed osmosis and electro-deionization systems and provides service.
Water provides inseparable unity with energy. The steam had been the energy source that
boosted industrial revolution. However, steam utilization in industry requires awareness and
constant overhaul; otherwise the outcome is energy loss, rotten steam and moreover
formidable explosions. Eralp Kimya ensures the steam kiers and equipments to be more
economical and long-lasting with WATERCENTER – PROCENTER brand and chemicals
specially prepared.
Recently developed membrane technologies enable to re-use of the water after refining. The
microfiltration, ultra-filtration, reverse – osmosis and especially physical conventional bio-
reactors’combined with micro and ultra-filtration systems that differentials solid-liquid which
is known as MBR systems makes enable to re-use of disinfected waste water. Eralp Kimya
offers more environmentally and friendly approach with MBR systems.
Water waste management becomes obligatory and crucial each passing day. From now on
water that is discharged to natural systems requires certain parameters. Eralp Kimya presents
pretty successful decolorants for waste water with hydrolyzed dyes, inorganic and inorganic
coagulant, anionic and cationic polyelectrolyte and deodorizers to the market, with its rich
chemical product portfolio.