• Sand filters,
  • Active carbon units,
  • Iron-Manganese retaining filters,
  • Resin water softening and deionizing systems,
  • Ultra and nano membrane water treatment systems,
  • Reverse Osmosis units are installed and provide the necessary equipments with qualified technical service.
  • Increases textile quality,
  • Prevents the formation of scale in boilers and saves energy;
  • Prevents drifting on steam lines, provides to obtain efficient and high quality steam,
  • Prevents corrosion in all water systems,
  • Prepares raw water,
  • Treats the feedwater,
  • Prevents microbiological contamination in cooling systems,
  • Solves your air conditioning and heat control system problems..

In our Analysis Laboratories;

  • Raw material analysis
  • Analyzes for production ready products
  • Analyzes for produced products
  • Water analyzes
  • Textile application studies are carried out.

At all stages of our products, quality controls are made and product conformity is confirmed

Eralp Kimya investigates the chemicals needed by the textile industry in its laboratories where the customer focus is developed and analyzes the product requests that it has made in this direction in the shortest time.

The system parameters that will form the basis of the Water Treatment program are taken from the authority of the company responsible for the system and the appropriate chemicals are determined. The control of important system parameters with the usage concentrations of the chemicals in the system is followed by the technical service engineers of our company and reports are given for information about the subject continuously to the management responsibilities.