Coloring of the fabric can be done by dyeing and printing techniques. The dyeing can be applied directly to the fabric as it can be applied to yarn before the weaving or knitting. Printing can be applied to the desired surface in the desired variant. Printing is cheaper and faster than dyeing. In printing, the surface can be colored with different colors and patterns at the same time, on the other hand only one color can be obtained in dyeing.

  • Noragal SBS-A

Noragal SBS-A provides slow and smooth exhaust of disperse dyes to polyester farbic with its preventive of dye agglomeration and affinity to fabric properties.

  • Noragal EG

A specific leveling agent having high affinity both dyes and polyester fiber with pretty good oligomer removal capacity.

  • Noragal EG-C

The Noragal EG-C is a concentrated levelling agent containing carrier.

  • Noragal EPD-C

The Noragal EPD-C, which has a crease prevention and high leveling features, is especially used in elastane fabrics.

  • Noragal CD

A specific leveling and disperging agent for dyeings with the cationic dyestuff.

  • Noragal SBS

A specific type of leveling and dispersing agent that ensures leveling in reactive dyeing and eliminates head-end color difference.

  • Noragal BB

An ecological carrier that provides dyeing at lower tempature and high wet fastness in polyester dyeing.

  • Noragal OB

An ecological carrier that provides dyeing at low tempatures and high wet fastness in polyester dyeings.

  • Noragal KM

An ecological carrier that also shows levelling agent feature.

  • Noragal PA

A special levelling agent prepared for polyamide fiber.

  • Noragal PLA-V

An efficient and economical levelling agent that have high affinity to the fabric.

  • Noragal DİS

It is a dispersing agent ensuring level dyeing by dispersing agglomerated dyestuffs.

  • Norasit SE

A product which balance pH in finished fabrics and prevents pH change in polyester dyeings.

  • Norasit LS

Polyamid boyama için geliştirilmiş özel bir asit donördür.

  • Norasit PA

It is a special acid donor developed for polyamide dyeing.

  • Noragal NAS

A special product developed specifically to remove cyclic oligomer.

  • Norasol MİP

Anti-migration and levelling agent in dispersol pad-batch dyeings.

  • Noraprint ESR
  • Noraprint NKP
  • Noraprint JP
  • Norair TT

An auxiliary- that removes irregulatirities caused by air bubble in bobbin and pad-batch dyeing.