Cartidge Filters

It is a filtration system that purifying all rust, sediment, particles, sand and similar substances from the water are kept within the cartridge filter body thanks to the materials made from PP material that allows the water to be purified in the desired micron.

Cartridge filter systems consist of filter cartridge and cartridges.

Filter bodies can be made of stainless steel and carbon steel materials.

Cartridges used in cartridge filter systems have different micron sensitivities such as 1, 5, 10.

For this reason it is possible to carry out sensitive filtration in microns with the appropriate number of suitable cartridges and with appropriate accuracy according to the water capacity of the project.

Stainless Multi Cartridge Filter Housing

Contaminated cartridges should be changed as they increases the pressure loss of the filter and reduces the filtration accuracy.

Contaminated Cartridge Filter