Cooling water causes 4 main problems in systems:
1. Corrosion,
2. Scaling,
3. Fouling,
4. Precipitation

For this reason, chemical treatment programs are based on solutions of these problems. There are some inspections, tests and controls that must be done before the selection of chemical treatment. These are:
– System review report
– Detection of trend of the system (corrosion or deposit)
– Bacterial contamination risk and history
– Previous inspection reports and current problems


Due to conclusion done after analysing these 4 inputs, the target values are determined by selecting the cooling water treating program with “Eralp Kimya technical service team”.

Product Groups:

1. PROCENTER CT 5000 : Scale Inhibitor for Cooling Waters
2. PROCENTER CT 5005 : Dispersant for Mineral Sludges in Cooling and Process Water
3. PROCENTER CT 5040 : Hardness Stabilizer for Cooling and Process Water
4. PROCENTER CT 5030 : Corrosion Inhibitor and Anti-scale for Cooling Water containing Copper Alloys
5. PROCENTER CT 5050 : Hardness Stabilizer and Corrosion Inhibitor for Cooling Water
6. PROCENTER CT 5145 : Corrosion and scale Inhibitor for Cooling System Water Containing Aluminum
7. PROCENTER CT 5150 : Hardness Stabilizer for Cooling and Process Water

1. PROCENTER KD 4000: Corrosion Inhibitor for Closed Systems
2. PROCENTER KD 5000 : Corrosion Inhibitor  for Closed Cooling and Heating Systems Containing Aluminum, Steel and Copper Alloys