Imparting properties such as hand, non-flammability, waterproof, anti static to fabric or yarn often done with padding applications after dyeing. These processes are called finishing treatments.

  • Norafix NOF-C

A fixing agent improved for increasing wet fastnesses of cellulosic fibers.

  • Norafix PA

A fixing agent developed for increasing wet fastnesses for polyamide fibers.

  • Norafix NF

An effective fixing agent which does not contain formaldehyde.

  • Norafix RD

A low formaldehyde crosslinker and easy-care finishing auxiliary for cellulosics and blends.

  • Norafix WW 3230

An effective cellulosic fixing agent which does not contain formaldehyde.

  • Norastat AFB

A special product for polyester fabrics and bird feathers that prevents static electricity.

  • Norastat PS

An antistatic auxiliary developed for synthetic fabrics.

  • Noraquat ESQ

An esterquat softener used to soften paper and cotton fabrics. Has no yellowing effects at high temperatures.

  • Noraquat ESQ-C

Concentrate of Noraquat ESQ.

  • Norasil JET HD

Can be used for polyester, cotton and blends. It is a circulation-resistant silicone based hydrophilic softener agent.

  • Norafin GS-HB

It is a concentrated hydrophilic amide functional softener for fabrics requiring high absorbance such as underwear and towels.

  • Norasil IMS

A micro silicone emulsion that imparts bulky and slipperry touch to fabrics.

  • Norafin DP

A macro silicone emulsion that imparts a bulky and soft touch to fabrics.

  • Norasil YMS

A micro silicone emulsion that imparts especially a slippery touch to fabric.

  • Norasil WS

A micro silicone emulsion that has slippery and weight increasing features.

  • Norasil HS

A micro silicone emulsion suitable for padding application with non-yellowing property at high temperature.

  • Noraguard EWO

A fluorocarbon compound with good water repellentcy.

  • Noraguard NOW

C6-based water and oil repellent.

  • Noraguard NOW-C

Concantrated C6-based water and oil repellent.

  • Noraguard UWE

C8-based water repellent.

  • Noraguard U-NW

C6-based water repellent.

  • Noraflam PAC

A specific auxiliary that gives temporary flamme retardancy to all types of fabrics.

  • Norasol MİP

It is an anti-migration agent in pad-batch dyeing.

  • Norasol AY

An auxiliary  that prevents phenolic yellowing in polyester and blended fabrics.